New GCSE Maths (9-1)

I support all the exam boards at GCSE namely Edexcel, AQA, OCR, Cambridge and WJEC.

With this recent curriculum, it has become ever more important for students to be up to date with Maths. Please note the key changes are as below:

  1. The introduction of the following new topics (which have directly been derived from As Level Maths): Completing the Square, Surds, Set theory, Quadratic sequences and a few more.
  2. The introduction of exams in a linear format. 3 exam papers. 2 calculator and 1 non-calculator.
  3. Topics randomly distributed across the three papers.
  4. Heavy emphasis on problem-solving i.e. the worded problems where you have to have multiple skills being applied to one problem in order to reach the final correct answer.

However to achieve that A* in GCSE Maths is still very easily possible. All it needs is a solid plan of action which I will decide on the very first lesson and inform you about it. Please get in touch to get that A* in GCSE now.

A Level Maths including modules

C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, S2, FP1. (Core Maths, Statistics and Further Pure)
I cover the Edexcel, OCR and AQA exam boards.

KS3 Secondary Maths year 7 and 8.

This course if for students who want to have a solid foundation in place to easily achieve that A* grade in maths and to have a possibility of having A Level maths after GCSE.

It is vital that the foundations of A Level Maths are established right now in order to have guaranteed A* in the A Level Maths curriculum. As they say “Well begun is half done”.

Entrance Exam Preparations for 11+ and 13+

I am well conversant with these highly competitive exams. I have specialist materials in place which I deploy to help students prepare for schools like John Lyon, Watford Grammar School for Boys and Girls, Parmiters (I was a maths teacher here a few years ago), Henrietta Barnett, HABS, Mill Hill, St. Michael’s, St. Helen’s etc.

Please get in touch with me to discuss these as these preparations are highly customised and hence we need to tailor our way around it.

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