1) Latest Feedback From Bill Birdi
Feedback given: 08/01/2017
Rating: 5/5

Comments: A great teacher who not only teaches but inspires students. We are fortunate to have found him. As he teaches in a Grammar school he is on top of what is needed. He responded quickly to our initial enquiry. My daughter says that Kamal uses techniques to easily understand complex topics. He always gives great feedback at the end of the lesson. Our daughter looks forward to his lessons. He has given our daughter great attention. We highly recommend him to other parents.

2) Feedback From Louise Riley
Feedback given: 23/12/2016
Rating: 5/5

Comments: My daughter had two lessons with Kamal thus far. They worked on maths concepts that proved difficult for her. Kamal teaching practises were clear and concise and she feels far more confident. An excellent tutor.


I have tutored various students from different back-grounds, however, to name a few schools whose students I have tutored are:

  • Watford Grammar school for Girls  (and Boys)
  • Parmiters
  • Henrietta Barnet
  • Merchant Taylors’
  • QE Boys (Queen Elizabeth)
  • St. Michael’s
  • St. Helen’s
  • Mill Hill School
  • St. Paul’s in Enfield
  • John Lyon School
  • St. Dominic’s Sixth form College
  • Wood House college
  • The Swaminarayan School
  • JFS (The Jewish Free School)
  • Claremont High school
  • Preston Manor High School
  • Wembley High Technology School
  • Brampton College
  • Emmanuel School
  • Francis Holland School
  • etc…

1) (Mr and Mrs Shah) Both my son and daughter were tutored by Kamal Patel. I must say that we have found Kamal’s tutoring techniques very unique and customised. He is always calm and goes the extra mile to help his students.

My daughter is an Optometrist now and my son has a First degree in Mathematics.


2) (LC)I am a home tutored student and Kamal has prepared me to get the following grades in my A Level Maths.

C1 – A*, C2 – A, S1 – B. C3 – A, C4- A, S2 – B. Overall a straight A Grade in A2 Maths.

I am continuing homeschooling with Kamal and me and my parents are confident to get an overall A in maths if not an A*. I like the approach Kamal has and with his flexible times and regular commitments I am also able to pursue other subjects with great ease.


3) (AB) My best success story. Amaan B. I taught AB since his As Maths and developed his interest in Maths. Amaan had a low B Grade in GCSE Maths.

He got an A Grade in Maths As Level. In A2 Maths after getting an A overall Amaan decided to do A Level further Maths. At the end of the year, Amaan got an A grade in further Maths and an A* in A level Maths after resitting his A2 Maths. Amaan is studying Masters in Economics at the Royal Holloway.

Maths tutoring has completely changed his interest in the subject and his parents are very happy.


4) Jusuf Family (2 Students (Brother and Sister)

Brother (FJ): Maths IGCSE A*, A Level (B)

Sister (MF): GCSE Maths A*, A Level Maths (B)


5) (AP) I found Mr Patel for tuition for GCSE Maths. My daughter was predicted a C grade. However, with just 5 tutoring sessions she felt confident enough and to our surprise, her grade was B. My only regret is that we did not find him earlier otherwise my daughter would have continued with Maths in A Levels.

In all a highly recommended tutor.

6) VP As Level Maths A Grade. (August 2016 student) Studying Mechanical engineering at Lough borough Uni.


7) AL (A Level Maths A Grade). Only after 8 one to one lessons. The student was predicted a B Grade.


You are welcome to speak to the parents and students mentioned above personally. Plus there are many other parents from various schools which you can speak to in order to get references from. I can provide you with their contact details. Due to data protection reasons, some names have been abbreviated.